Six Weeks in South Africa, Six To Go: Fun Facts & Reflections

Today marks my official halfway point into my time here in SA. Crazy how time flies. I hardly feel like the same person who emerged from the throes of my first year in grad school; heavy, tired, ... Continue Reading

If You’ve Visited Zanzibar, You Got A Taste of Oman: A Brief History Lesson on Oman’s Former Capital

The ubiquitous kuma headdress worn by nearly every male in Oman is said to come from Zanzibar.     I've never been to Oman, but I did visit Zanzibar exactly two years ago to the day (June ... Continue Reading
Cutting tunnels into trees as a tourism strategy. Photo Credit

Tunneling ancient trees a good idea for tourism?

I think a lot about tourism. It's practically the impetus for this blog. It drives my desire to see the world and now, my graduate studies in urban economic development. That said, I came across this ... Continue Reading

A Tour of the East Wing of the White House

  What happens when friends from out of town visit and want to do lots of touristy things? You get them tickets for a White House tour...for the day after they left :/ I still went and ... Continue Reading

A Tale of Being Unprepared For a 20km+ Hike in The Philippines

I hopped off a 12 hour night bus from Manila to Banaue (pronounced Bah-now-way) -- a city in the Northern mountainous region of the Philippines known for its acclaimed natural wonders -- with no ... Continue Reading

Selfies & passport stamps: is travel the new stunt?

  Hashtags, selfies, turn ups, glamour: is that all there is to travel anymore? Introducing #BeyondSelfies I got my first passport ever in life while in college for Study Abroad. In 2008, I ... Continue Reading

The Chinese are saving Africa’?

When casually chatting about the pace of Nairobi's rapid development, my new friend (the brother of a former colleague) exclaimed "the Chinese are saving Africa yo!" He explained to me that Chinese ... Continue Reading

Freddie Gray’s city: is it still so charming?

Charm City, why do they call you this? And where is all the post-'riot' destruction? Those were the big questions I had as I made my way from where I grew up (just outside of your arch nemesis city ... Continue Reading

Are signs really that interesting? – A photo essay

I. Love. Signs. I thought it was a strange fascination at first until I learned more about the art and science of way finding. Many jurisdictions have full time staff, sometimes teams, dedicated to ... Continue Reading
Ghana's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes

Meet the Ghanaian entrepreneur who's building bikes out of bamboo.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Would you ride a bamboo bike to and from work?

Do you use a bike to get around? I'd love to travel to Ghana to spend time with the amazing entrepreneur who started this small business. I would check out the factory where the bikes are made and ... Continue Reading