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Do you believe any of these things about African men?

In a world where we are saddled with technology, mass media marketing, and a global connectedness like no other time before, we are often exposed to things before we ever have a chance to form an opinion about them on our own. These images can prove powerful and enduring over time, almost impossible to shake off if we are not vigilant about questioning the basis on which they exist. This is especially true of life on the African continent and throughout the Black Diaspora since for centuries, ... Continue Reading

Why this blog of questions?

This is the story of visiting a place without doing any research or proper trip planning, and watching that trip seed the very idea for the blog you're reading. The story of a girl who is enamored with the way people give meaning to the world. The ways places are built, the materials used, and the governments in place to impose social order. The symbols, myths, and lore people draw from to articulate their history, legitimize their societal norms, and endear the mysteries of the universe with ... Continue Reading