• About Me
    DSC02038I’m on a journey to let my curiosity get the best of me everywhere I go. The more I see, the more questions I have about the context the eye can’t see; the more I learn, the more I want to learn. I’m a roving optimist by nature. I’m an urbanist and artist by training. And with the launch of this blog, I’m an amateur scientist of the social sharing my imperfect musings with others.

    I enjoy traveling and being immersed in the unfamiliar. Whether in my hometown just outside Washington DC or thousands of miles away in a different country, I will have questions and I’ll want to seek out new information. With fresh eyes and an eagerness to question even the most trivial of things I know to be true in America and abroad, I’m taking my curiosity on the road one town, city, country at a time. 
  • About the Blog
     If you’ve ever traveled somewhere unfamiliar, you know the feeling of being in your head. There are so many questions, so many opportunities to reflect, so much to make sense of. You discover as much about yourself as you do about the place. You return home with insights and sights you can’t wait to share with others. After more time passes each experience becomes an afterthought, an abbreviation for something cool you did, strange food you tried, amazing pictures you snapped, or a mere passport stamp acquired. And all those questions you had on your journey, also become an afterthought never to be revisited or deeply investigated.


    Ebony and Ivory pigeon BFFs in Medellin

    This blog is where I keep the conversation going. Where my passions for art, social change, and people collide with an infinite intellectual curiosity for all things urban, environmental, and cultural.

    Why doesn’t this city have street signs in the central business district? Why is there so much vacant property? Why does everyone ride bikes here? What is the story behind the birdhouses placed in all the public plazas? Why does X city have so much street art? What’s the significance of this monument? Why does everyone want to take pictures with me? What’s up with all these potholes in this part of town, but not the other? Why is the traffic here so bad?

    As an amateur social scientist, this is the laboratory where I follow down the path my inquiry takes me; where I deliberate and contemplate, cull insights from others I meet on the journey, and create a space where the learning can continue long after the journey has commenced.
As I travel, as I wonder, as I discover – so do you.
This is The Road Less Inquired
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