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Six Weeks in South Africa, Six To Go: Fun Facts & Reflections

Today marks my official halfway point into my time here in SA. Crazy how time flies. I hardly feel like the same person who emerged from the throes of my first year in grad school; heavy, tired, uncertain, and sad that I was going to miss the best weather of the year. What did I trade in summer ... Continue Reading

If You’ve Visited Zanzibar, You Got A Taste of Oman: A Brief History Lesson on Oman’s Former Capital

The ubiquitous kuma headdress worn by nearly every male in Oman is said to come from Zanzibar.     I've never been to Oman, but I did visit Zanzibar exactly two years ago to the day (June 2015) and was struck by what seemed to be vast Arab influence throughout the capital of Stone Town. ... Continue Reading

The Chinese are saving Africa’?

When casually chatting about the pace of Nairobi's rapid development, my new friend (the brother of a former colleague) exclaimed "the Chinese are saving Africa yo!" He explained to me that Chinese development companies and engineers had taken a business interest in the 'developing world'. They ... Continue Reading

Would you ride a bamboo bike to and from work?

Ghana's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes

Meet the Ghanaian entrepreneur who's building bikes out of bamboo.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Do you use a bike to get around? I'd love to travel to Ghana to spend time with the amazing entrepreneur who started this small business. I would check out the factory where the bikes are made and dig deeper into the impact these bikes might be having on the community. The scientist in me wants ... Continue Reading

Do you believe any of these things about African men?

In a world where we are saddled with technology, mass media marketing, and a global connectedness like no other time before, we are often exposed to things before we ever have a chance to form an opinion about them on our own. These images can prove powerful and enduring over time, almost impossi... Continue Reading