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A Tale of Being Unprepared For a 20km+ Hike in The Philippines

I hopped off a 12 hour night bus from Manila to Banaue (pronounced Bah-now-way) -- a city in the Northern mountainous region of the Philippines known for its acclaimed natural wonders -- with no plans. It was the part of the trip I anticipated the most, next to the part where I got to meet distant ... Continue Reading

Are signs really that interesting? – A photo essay

I. Love. Signs. I thought it was a strange fascination at first until I learned more about the art and science of way finding. Many jurisdictions have full time staff, sometimes teams, dedicated to figuring out how best to make their cities more navigable. Yes, navigable is a word. I heard it at a ... Continue Reading

What is it like living with the effects of Chinese foot binding?

The Guardian shares beautiful pictures and profiles of the last remaining women who participated in the ancient beauty practice of Chinese foot binding.  The Atlantic has a short article describing the origin of the practice: The first recorded binding occurred in the Five Dynasties and Ten ... Continue Reading