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Would you ride a bamboo bike to and from work?

Ghana's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes

Meet the Ghanaian entrepreneur who's building bikes out of bamboo.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Do you use a bike to get around? I'd love to travel to Ghana to spend time with the amazing entrepreneur who started this small business. I would check out the factory where the bikes are made and dig deeper into the impact these bikes might be having on the community. The scientist in me wants ... Continue Reading

What is it like living with the effects of Chinese foot binding?

The Guardian shares beautiful pictures and profiles of the last remaining women who participated in the ancient beauty practice of Chinese foot binding.  The Atlantic has a short article describing the origin of the practice: The first recorded binding occurred in the Five Dynasties and Ten ... Continue Reading

What can buildings tell us about the history of the world?

The Guardian takes us on a wild ride across the globe and back in time for a brief history of cities as told through 50 buildings. Beautiful photographs of buildings each come with a snippet and full length article detailing the significance of the building, the city where it's located, and the ... Continue Reading

Do you believe any of these things about African men?

In a world where we are saddled with technology, mass media marketing, and a global connectedness like no other time before, we are often exposed to things before we ever have a chance to form an opinion about them on our own. These images can prove powerful and enduring over time, almost impossi... Continue Reading