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Tunneling ancient trees a good idea for tourism?

Cutting tunnels into trees as a tourism strategy. Photo Credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/dollar_bin/513908000/in/photolist-oVAfc6-m1Yeww-MpUVE-MpUWL
I think a lot about tourism. It's practically the impetus for this blog. It drives my desire to see the world and now, my graduate studies in urban economic development. That said, I came across this pretty unfortunate NPR story (and this National Geographic one) on a 1000 year old sequoia tree ... Continue Reading

A Tour of the East Wing of the White House

  What happens when friends from out of town visit and want to do lots of touristy things? You get them tickets for a White House tour...for the day after they left :/ I still went and rallied my sister and close friend to accompany me on my first White House tour. It dawned on me while ... Continue Reading

Freddie Gray’s city: is it still so charming?

Charm City, why do they call you this? And where is all the post-'riot' destruction? Those were the big questions I had as I made my way from where I grew up (just outside of your arch nemesis city Washington DC) to your downtown. I'm guessing charm city is an old name they used to call you; is it ... Continue Reading

Are signs really that interesting? – A photo essay

I. Love. Signs. I thought it was a strange fascination at first until I learned more about the art and science of way finding. Many jurisdictions have full time staff, sometimes teams, dedicated to figuring out how best to make their cities more navigable. Yes, navigable is a word. I heard it at a ... Continue Reading