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Are signs really that interesting? – A photo essay

I. Love. Signs. I thought it was a strange fascination at first until I learned more about the art and science of way finding. Many jurisdictions have full time staff, sometimes teams, dedicated to figuring out how best to make their cities more navigable. Yes, navigable is a word. I heard it at a ... Continue Reading

How did Medellín go from murder capital of the world to most innovative in the world?

If you find yourself in this wonderful city in a valley, do yourself a favor and say it the way locals do. Never mind that all the Spanish lessons I ever had led me to believe that the double L equals a ‘y’ sound. In Latin America, and in Colombia specifically, it is not ‘Mede-yeen’. ... Continue Reading

Why did a talk with Americans in Colombia make me so happy?

Are you cringing? I know I normally do when I think of meeting other Americans abroad. I'll admit that they aren't always so bad. I've met wonderful people while traveling who are from America and everywhere else. I've also met wonderfully terrible people from everywhere. I don't know ... Continue Reading