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A Tour of the East Wing of the White House

  What happens when friends from out of town visit and want to do lots of touristy things? You get them tickets for a White House tour...for the day after they left :/ I still went and rallied my sister and close friend to accompany me on my first White House tour. It dawned on me while ... Continue Reading

A Tale of Being Unprepared For a 20km+ Hike in The Philippines

I hopped off a 12 hour night bus from Manila to Banaue (pronounced Bah-now-way) -- a city in the Northern mountainous region of the Philippines known for its acclaimed natural wonders -- with no plans. It was the part of the trip I anticipated the most, next to the part where I got to meet distant ... Continue Reading

Why did a talk with Americans in Colombia make me so happy?

Are you cringing? I know I normally do when I think of meeting other Americans abroad. I'll admit that they aren't always so bad. I've met wonderful people while traveling who are from America and everywhere else. I've also met wonderfully terrible people from everywhere. I don't know ... Continue Reading

Why this blog of questions?

This is the story of visiting a place without doing any research or proper trip planning, and watching that trip seed the very idea for the blog you're reading. The story of a girl who is enamored with the way people give meaning to the world. The ways places are built, the materials used, and the ... Continue Reading