So you have an idea for a blog?

I had been brooding about starting a blog. I sat on an idea about more intentionally capturing my travel experiences. I wanted to document what was happening, who I was meeting, and hold myself ... Continue Reading

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Howdy Reader Person. 2015 has been a busy time on the road for me. Travel deals, glitch fares, rewards points, and fate have sent me to Montreal, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nairobi, Zanzibar, ... Continue Reading

What is it like living with the effects of Chinese foot binding?

The Guardian shares beautiful pictures and profiles of the last remaining women who participated in the ancient beauty practice of Chinese foot binding.  The Atlantic has a short article descri... Continue Reading

How did Medellín go from murder capital of the world to most innovative in the world?

If you find yourself in this wonderful city in a valley, do yourself a favor and say it the way locals do. Never mind that all the Spanish lessons I ever had led me to believe that the double L ... Continue Reading

What can buildings tell us about the history of the world?

The Guardian takes us on a wild ride across the globe and back in time for a brief history of cities as told through 50 buildings. Beautiful photographs of buildings each come with a snippet and ... Continue Reading

Why did a talk with Americans in Colombia make me so happy?

Are you cringing? I know I normally do when I think of meeting other Americans abroad. I'll admit that they aren't always so bad. I've met wonderful people while traveling who are from ... Continue Reading

Do you believe any of these things about African men?

In a world where we are saddled with technology, mass media marketing, and a global connectedness like no other time before, we are often exposed to things before we ever have a chance to form an ... Continue Reading

Why this blog of questions?

This is the story of visiting a place without doing any research or proper trip planning, and watching that trip seed the very idea for the blog you're reading. The story of a girl who is enamored ... Continue Reading