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Tunneling ancient trees a good idea for tourism?

Cutting tunnels into trees as a tourism strategy. Photo Credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/dollar_bin/513908000/in/photolist-oVAfc6-m1Yeww-MpUVE-MpUWL
I think a lot about tourism. It's practically the impetus for this blog. It drives my desire to see the world and now, my graduate studies in urban economic development. That said, I came across this pretty unfortunate NPR story (and this National Geographic one) on a 1000 year old sequoia tree meeting its demise after a rough storm.     To "inspire tourism" to national parks in the 19th century, tunnels were carved into the trunks of a few of these natural beauties to ... Continue Reading

Freddie Gray’s city: is it still so charming?

Charm City, why do they call you this? And where is all the post-'riot' destruction? Those were the big questions I had as I made my way from where I grew up (just outside of your arch nemesis city Washington DC) to your downtown. I'm guessing charm city is an old name they used to call you; is it still true? Maybe I'm a misguided visitor, but I'm kinda looking for historical charm in a contemporary time; if it's too strange to pit the present-day realities against selective memories of the ... Continue Reading