A Tour of the East Wing of the White House


What happens when friends from out of town visit and want to do lots of touristy things? You get them tickets for a White House tour…for the day after they left :/

I still went and rallied my sister and close friend to accompany me on my first White House tour. It dawned on me while waiting in line that this was a big deal for many of the other visitors. They were buzzing with excitement and curiosity. As a native Washingtonian (born in DC), going inside the White House didn’t seem like a big deal, but in that moment I felt the buzz. So much so, that I captured the visit (and my own random musings) below for sharing with those who are interested in seeing it for themselves. 


On a rather rainy day…

I hurriedly rushed over to the White House Visitor’s entrance after scrambling for a place to drop my bag off nearby. Let this be a lesson for all you adventurers that don’t like to read the fine print: you are not allowed to bring any kind of bags inside the White House for the East Wing tour!! Don’t be like me. Be a good fine print reader.

Upon entering the White House grounds, my mind got to whirling around. Is it true that enslaved Africans built this? What would those ancestors think of me touring this edifice today? Or much less, a Black man serving as President of the United States and actually living here?! I did a bit of googling and stumbled upon some insight about who exactly built the White House.



What else grabbed my attention inside? Look up!



So many classic and traditional light fixtures kept immaculately dust-free and extra sparkly. It also wouldn’t be the home of the United States President without America’s favorite symbol of freedom.



What’s with our love of the bald eagle anyway? My curiosity took me to google, obviously.



Count on a great counter argument against the bald eagle from Benjamin Franklin. As ubiquitous as he is to American history, you won’t find his portrait on any walls in this section of the White House. But here are some faces you might recognize.


Would it all be official without a red room?



I mean, a red carpet?



That wraps up the tour. It is quite short, but totally wonderful if you want to see the inside of the East Wing for yourself.




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